If you arrived here looking for Michael Christie, please click the link above.

If you think you have worked me recently on HF, especially on CW, you heard wrong or there is someone on the air impersonating me! Due to antenna issues I have been off the air for a while. When in doubt, check my log!

About Me:
In August 2000, I obtained my first amateur radio license (KG4IXR), Technician class.
5/03 – I tested for and passed elements 1 & 3, for a General class ham ticket!
5/05 – I tested for and passed elements 4, and I now possess an Extra class ham ticket!
3/06 – FCC vanity application for K4MZ granted, in place of KG4IXR!

I owe a lot of credit to my Elmer, Bo Martin, WB4KJR (SK).  Bo provided me with a lifetime worth of amateur radio knowledge, and assisted me with hands on CW training, not to mention plenty of moral support.  I also want to thank Gary Scott, W4GNS who was also instrumental in helping me pass my 5 wpm CW exam, as well as Harold Manasco, K4AU for answering all the questions no one else knows the answers to!

Current interests:
HF, Paper chasing, Contesting, All the Digital Modes.
I have been a die hard VHF/UHF nut from years before my amateur radio interests.
Yaesu VX-5R Tri-Band HT. It covers 6m, 2m and 70cm
Kenwood TM-D700 2m/70cm operating mobile APRS & monitoring 146.52
Kenwood TS200X, all band, all mode, with the optional 1.2 GHz. module
Alinco DR1200 (VHF) operating packet and APRS weather station – OFFLINE
GAP Titan DX, ground mounted (Currently down)
Cushcraft AR270B dual band Ringo (2m & 70 cm)
PAR Omniangle OA-50 (6m)
Cushcraft A148-3S 2m Yagi (used for mobile and HT operations)

Affiliations & Clubs:
I am an advanced Skywarn Weather Spotter.
I was previously a member of the Danville Virginia, W5YI VE Team, and the ARRL.
I was previously the Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) for Pittsylvania Co. ARES (VA Dist. 12).

I when I am near a radio normally monitor the K4AU Repeater, located on top of
White Oak Mountain here in Pittsylvania County: 146.70- (PL 107.2)
I also monitor 146.52 and many of the 2m/440 repeaters in surrounding counties.

Latitude     N   36° 40′ 28″
Longitude W 079° 31′ 26″
Grid Square: FM06fq